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We won't show you all of it (because then where's the surprise!) but we promise you that you will thoroughly enjoy the entire unboxing experience every step of the way. Because you deserve the gift you just got for yourself. 

Nonetheless, here are some sneak peeks for you - 

Depending on the number of items you ordered, it will come either in a 

IMG_0974 2.heic

Pull out paper box (one item)    

IMG_0972 2.heic

Saffiano-textured Box (two and more) 

Your pretty pieces will also come with a thoughtfully assembled care package and air tight packaging depending on your item bought. Please let us know if you have a preference. 


IMG_0719 2.heic
IMG_0229 2.heic



Last but not least, watch how the card pops up as you open your the transparent packaging!


When it comes to gifting, we know that the packaging is as important as the item itself. And a good gift is one that is personalised, thoughtful and practical. That is why in addition to all the awesomeness of the regular packaging, our add-on gift packaging comes with 


  • the must-have big ribbon tie 

  • initial charm personalised to the initials of your recipient 

  • customisable message card  


We also considered that you would have different needs (and budget) depending on who you are gifting. Hence, you can choose between paper or saffiano box, and even add preserved flowers, face mask or serum to really send an amazing gift. 

Feel free to drop us a message to discuss how to customise the best presents for your needs! 


0 DAY - Order placed 


2 -3 DAYS - Your piece is being handcrafted with care 

1 -2 WORKING DAYS  - Your item is on the way to you! 

Mailing is done via Courier Delivery (Qexpress). Tracking details will be provided once parcel is mailed.   



$ 0 - 29.90

$ 3

$ 30 - 49.90

$50 onwards

$ 2


Drop us a message if you need your items urgently! :)