Inspired by regular folks, we strive to balance affordability, functionality, variety and quality with our designs. 




Creating the best fit

Amidst the many jewellery you have, the ones that you would probably wear most often are the designs that speak to you. By giving you the freedom of customising, we want to support you in creating that fit and meaning for yourself (and others). 


Noticing the finer details

We consider the finer aspects often ignored in our designs. This has inspired the inclusion of two-way functionality, fully adjustable features, customisable length, ending chain charm, handedness and interchangeable charms  into our designs. We hope that more will come, with the help of your feedback.  


Creating deeper meaning

Choosing your accessories of the day is a mindful decision-making process. That's why we believe that they can be harnessed as powerful daily reminders. We aspire to transform the meaning of what you wear from just another pretty metal to metaphoric pieces that you resonate deeply with. 


Spreading joy and happiness

We believe that you deserve beautiful pieces that had time and attention poured into. By infusing thoughtfulness into our products and packaging, we hope to put a smile on your (and your loved one's) faces starting from the moment you receive your items. 



Based in Singapore, Uncommon charm was born from a simple wish to gift gratitude to the people who showered me with unconditional love during my battle with cancer. I wanted to select charms that were characteristic of their styles and to customise pieces that would put an instant smile on their faces.

It inspired me to start this brand so that you too can do the same, for yourself and your loved ones.

Between recoveries and relapses, Uncommon Charm has continued to provide me with some meaning and drive in life. Hopefully, through our products, Uncommon Charm can also touch your lives in small subtle ways like how it did with me.