Basic Gift Set (Add-on)


A good gift is useful, beautiful and personalised. Our Add-on Gift Sets are designed to tick these boxes and put a smile on your recipient's face. 


We have considered your needs and created two basic gift packaging options - 


Paper Box  A smaller perfect fit for one item without compromising on beauty  and personalisation . Suitable for gifting multiple people such as colleagues or groups of friends. 


Saffiano-like Box 

A luxurious packaging with a saffiano-like box that screams sophiscation. Best fitted for 2-4 items. Suitable for gifting your special loved ones. 



Both giftsets will be elegantly wrapped with white satin ribbon and with a personalised touch of your recipient's initial. Upon opening, the set will contain a customised message sticker seal, curated jewelry chosen by you and  a customised message card.